Georgia Military Institute School/Confederate Buttons

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 GMI cuff buttons


All artifacts were dug using a Tesoro "Eldorado" metal detector.



The Georgia Military Institute located in Marietta, Georgia was established in 1851 and quickly grew to become the "West Point of the South." The cadets participated in the Battle of Resaca and defended Milledgeville and Savannah during Sherman's March to the Sea. The School was destroyed by Sherman during the occupation of Atlanta on November 13, 1864 and was never rebuilt.

The alumnus of the school formed the "Dragon's Teeth" of the Confederate army. The G.M.I. corps of cadets served honorably and faithfully with the Confederate army from May 1864 - May 1865. They fought at Resaca, Atlanta, Oconee Bridge, Ogeecheee creek, and served in the trenches around Savannah. They were the last organized body of Southern soldiers east of the Mississippi to receive orders from the Confederate army. They became the last unit in the east to disband on May 20, 1865 in Augusta, Georgia.

The site of the Institute is now the Marietta Conference Center and Golf Course.



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