Face Back Cast "I" Confederate Infantry Buttons

 All artifacts were dug using a Tesoro "Eldorado" metal detector.


One-piece (cast) "
I" (Yellow & Red Brass)

Description: Broad, solid block I on a plain field, with narrow turned rim. Most were cast from bronze (red brass), though brass (yellow brass) examples exist. The back features an integral drilled shank. No backmarks.

Dimensions: 22-23mm

Makers: Various, though it is speculated by Tice that the bulk were made in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Given their predominantly Western distribution, this would make sense.

Applications: One of the two most common Confederate issue buttons. They are recovered from all theaters of the war, though it is clear from the sheer numbers dug out of the Western Theater that this button was dominant in the Army of Tennessee.


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